Safety Tips For Walkers

More people are leading healthy, active lifestyles than ever before. And for many, that means regular exercise to stay in shape. Often that means a daily stroll around the neighborhood, to the store, or a nearby lake or park. 

Walking is an excellent way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. But as with any activity, some common-sense precautions and security measures should be observed. Here are a few tips to ensure a pleasurable and safe outing:

Avoid walking alone at night. Instead, walk with a friend.

Don't use headphones while walking. You won't be able to hear noises around you that may be an alert to a dangerous situation.
Always walk in well-lighted areas.
Avoid the use of short cuts.
When walking after dark, keep away from large bushes or doorways where someone could be lurking.
Always stay near the curb.
Walk with confidence. A crook will prey on signs of fear or unease. 
If someone in a vehicle stops and asks for directions, answer from a distance. Do not approach the vehicle.
If followed, go immediately to an area with lights and people.
Make sure you lock your doors, even if you leave your house for just a short walk. That's all the time a thief needs to let himself in and swipe your valuables.
Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. It will decrease the chances of someone coming up behind you and surprising you. 

Following these guidelines will greatly increase your personal safety. However, if you do become a victim, do not resist. You could be injured or worse. Remember: Always use common sense and caution and stay alert. They're your best tools for keeping safe.