Stop Car Thieves In Their Tracks

As with most crimes, auto theft generally is a crime of opportunity. Criminals are attracted to targets that are easy and inviting. Your best defense is to take steps to make it harder to steal your car. Doing so will greatly decrease your chances of becoming a victim because making it harder to steal your car will act as a deterrent to thieves and cause them to move on to an easier mark. 

Some auto owners may believe their car is too old to be stolen. After all, why would anyone want it? The answer is simple: Today, many cars are taken for their parts. And no car is too old, too rusty or too ugly to be stolen. Here are some simple precautions to deter auto thieves:

Consider investing in an anti-theft device, such as a steering wheel lock or motion-detecting alarm system.

Never leave your car unlocked, windows rolled down or keys in the ignition.
Keep contents and valuables out of sight. Lock them in the trunk or store then in the glove compartment or under the seat. Leaving valuables in plain view is an invitation to a thief to break in. And once inside the vehicle, the thief may just decide to take it.
If you're planning a trip out-of-town and will be leaving your car unattended at home, remove the coil wire connecting the coil to the distributor cap. Do this and your car won't start.
Don't leave spare keys in the car or in hiding spots. An experienced thief knows all the hiding places.
Park in well-lit areas. Try not to park on an isolated,
out-of-the-way street.
Put the emergency brake on and leave the transmission in park. Standard transmissions should be left in gear.
No matter how quick the errand, never leave your car running unattended.
If you have a garage, use it and lock it.
Avoid parking in an unattended parking lot for a long period of time.