Use Caution At The ATM Machine

Most people who use bank ATM machines will never have a problem. However, it does require some common-sense safety precautions in order to protect yourself and your money.

Here are some safety tips to keep in my mind when using an ATM machine:

Try to conduct your transactions during the day.

If you must use a bank machine at night, only use ATM locations that are well-lit.
Try to avoid using an ATM by yourself.
Use your body to conceal the keypad so no one can watch you punch in your identification number. Do not enter your PIN if anybody else can see the screen.
If someone is hanging around the machine or you see anything that makes you suspicious or uncomfortable, keep on going and find another ATM to use.
Stay alert to your surroundings. Look up and around every few seconds while transacting your business.
Before you get to the ATM machine, take out your access card and any other documents you will need to conduct your transaction. Standing by the machine fumbling for your wallet or purse will make you an inviting target.
When your transaction is finished, take your card, receipt and money and leave immediately. Don't stand around counting or displaying your cash.